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We pride ourselves on offering some of the fastest lead times in the industry, with most of our commercial kitchen ventilation packages shipping within 3-5 business days.

Most carriers offer a “Call Before Delivery” service where they contact you using the phone number listed with the shipping address to schedule delivery. If your shipment is going to a residence or a business with irregular hours, an appointment may be needed, which could add an extra day to transit time. If you miss a delivery window, you will need to reschedule and may incur re-delivery fees. Daily storage charges may apply if the carrier cannot reach you for multiple days.

To learn more about what to expect from your NAKS shipment, please refer to the following video: WATCH THIS VIDEO

Absolutely! We frequently ship to Canada. For your specific needs, please call us at 1-800-854-3267.

Yes, we can connect you with a local installer to help with your setup, via the NAKS, Inc. Installer Locator Page.

NAKS, Inc. exhaust hoods are built to NSF and NFPA 96 Standards, are UL Listed to ANSI/UL 710, and meet CAN/ULC Standards. They are guaranteed to pass all local and state codes.

Most freight forwarders require a booking number or similar information at delivery to identify you as their customer. Ensure you provide this information along with your freight forwarder’s address, phone number, and the shipment’s final destination to prevent re-delivery fees. Note that if your freight forwarder signs the incoming bill of lading (BL or BOL) without noting any freight damage, we are not responsible for any subsequent damage.


The type of hood needed varies based on the equipment used:

  • Type 1 Hood : Required for cooking equipment producing grease-laden vapors, such as fryers, ranges, and conveyor pizza ovens, to remove grease-laden vapors.

  • Type 2 Hood : This hood is suitable for equipment that generates heat or steam, such as ovens, steamers, or dishwashers, as well as deck pizza ovens.

The exhaust hood should extend 6 inches beyond the right and left sides of the total length of your cooking equipment, with a 12-inch overhang at the front. A NAKS Ventilation System Specialist will help you determine the exact length of your hood. Please contact us at 800-854-3267 to speak with a specialist.

Makeup Air, also known as Supply or Return Air, refers to the fresh air brought into the hood system from the outside to replace the air being exhausted. It is crucial for maintaining balanced air pressure and ensuring the ventilation system operates efficiently.

In most cases, yes. Makeup air units are essential for enhancing the efficiency of the ventilation system and are often required by building codes to ensure proper air balance and energy efficiency.

Fire suppression is mandatory for cooking equipment such as char broilers, fryers, griddles, wok ranges, and similar appliances. It is not required for equipment like convection ovens, some pizza ovens, or steam cookers.


As a NAKS dealer, you gain access to our high-quality commercial kitchen ventilation products and custom fabrication at competitive prices and dedicated support from our sales team.

Bulk orders can be placed directly through our sales team. Contact us here or give us a call at (800) 854-3267 to discuss your specific needs, receive a custom quote, and arrange for shipment.

Yes, NAKS specializes in custom ventilation solutions! Our engineering team can work with you to design and manufacture ventilation systems tailored to your clients’ specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your project needs.


To be added to the NAKS installer directory, please contact NAKS directly. Our team will provide you with the necessary information and steps to join our network of trusted installers.

A low-ceiling-style hood system is necessary for ceilings lower than 120 inches. The bottom front edge of the hood must be at least 78 inches from the finished floor to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

Installation requirements vary by system, but generally include securing the hood and ductwork, connecting electrical components, and ensuring proper air balance with makeup air systems. Detailed installation guides are provided with each product.

Yes, NAKS offers comprehensive technical support for installers. Our experienced team is available to assist with any questions or challenges you may encounter during the installation process.