A technician prepares a commercial exhaust hood for a professional deep clean.

Understanding the Cost of Commercial Exhaust Hood Cleaning

NAKS, Inc. explores the average cost of commercial exhaust hood cleaning and key factors influencing pricing to ensure a well-maintained and efficient kitchen.


As a crucial part of maintaining a well-functioning kitchen, regular maintenance of the exhaust hood system is essential. However, the cost of professional cleaning services can vary depending on several factors. In this informative guide, we’ll explore the average cost of commercial exhaust hood cleaning to help you make informed decisions for your kitchen.

Factors That Influence The Cost of Professional Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

  • Physical Location: The availability of hood cleaning businesses in your area can impact pricing. In metropolitan regions with more competition, prices may be more competitive, while areas with fewer options may result in higher costs due to additional travel expenses.
  • Kitchen Size and Complexity: The size and complexity of your kitchen can play a significant role in determining the cleaning cost. Larger kitchens, multiple exhaust hood systems, extended duct runs, and intricate configurations may require more time and resources, affecting the overall expense.
  • Hood System Condition: The condition of your exhaust hood system is also a factor. If regular cleaning and maintenance have been neglected, a more thorough and time-consuming cleaning process might be necessary, leading to increased costs.

Understanding Average Cost of a Commercial Hood Cleaning

On average, commercial hood cleaning services may involve a two-man crew charging around $120 per hour. Keep in mind that these figures are general estimates and can vary based on specific project requirements.

Don’t Be Afraid to SHop Around and Ask Questions!

When seeking exhaust hood cleaning services, it’s advisable to gather quotes from reputable companies. Be sure to inquire about their method of charging, as some may offer hourly rates, while others may have flat-rate packages. Check out this helpful guide for other questions to ask a professional hood cleaning company to ensure the services you schedule will meet your needs and fit your budget.


Regular exhaust hood cleaning is vital for the efficiency and safety of your commercial kitchen. While NAKS, Inc. focuses on manufacturing quality exhaust hood systems and accessories, it’s crucial to find reliable professionals for cleaning and maintenance. Prioritize routine cleaning to ensure a clean and well-ventilated kitchen environment. For expert cleaning services, seek reputable professionals with experience in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Ensure a smooth and efficient kitchen operation by investing in regular hood cleaning.

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