Technician installing a commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation system

Ductwork Packages: Simplifying Installation with Comprehensive Solutions for Installers

Simplify Installations with NAKS, Inc: Ductwork Packages for Solutions

Ductwork is a critical component of any commercial kitchen ventilation system, playing a pivotal role in ensuring efficient airflow and proper exhaust of cooking contaminants. For HVAC installers, selecting the right ductwork is paramount to achieving a successful and compliant installation. At NAKS, Inc., we understand the unique needs and preferences of installers, which is why we offer comprehensive Ductwork Packages designed to simplify installations and provide hassle-free solutions.

Welded Rectangular Ducts: No Weld Ductwork

Commercial kitchens often feature welded, rectangular ducts due to the absence of better alternatives. When installed correctly, welded ductwork is durable and leak-free. However, traditional welding can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. To address this challenge, NAKS, Inc. offers innovative ductwork solutions that offer the strength of welded ducts with an easy no-weld installation process. Our no-weld ductwork ensures seamless installations without compromising on quality or performance, saving valuable time and effort for installers on the job site.

Single Wall, Double Wall, Double Wall Zero Clearance

Our Ductwork Packages encompass a range of duct options to accommodate various installation requirements and specifications. Based on the ductwork’s clearance to combustibles, we offer single-wall ducts, double-wall reduced-clearance ducts, and double-wall zero-clearance ducts. NAKS, Inc. provides installers with the flexibility and versatility needed to meet project demands. Our commitment to offering diverse duct options ensures that installers can select the most appropriate solution for each unique installation scenario.

Innovative Features for Easy Installation

NAKS, Inc.’s Ductwork Packages come equipped with innovative features designed to streamline the installation process and optimize system performance:

  • First UL-listed No Weld Hood Adapter: Our exclusive no weld hood adapter is engineered to simplify hood connections by utilizing bolted attachments. This eliminates the need for welding on-site, resulting in faster and more efficient installations.
  • Packaged Ductwork Components: To further streamline installations, our Ductwork Packages are meticulously organized and packaged, containing all necessary components for a complete and seamless duct installation. This includes duct sections, connectors, adapters, and accessories, all conveniently bundled for easy access and assembly.
  • Longest Overlap in the Industry: Our interlocking, no-weld ductwork components features the longest overlap in the industry, providing a secure and reliable seal.

Conclusion: Partnering for Success

NAKS, Inc. is dedicated to simplifying installations and empowering HVAC installers with reliable, high-performance ductwork solutions. Our Ductwork Packages combine innovative design features, quality materials, and expert support to streamline installations, enhance system performance, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Whether you’re working on a new construction project or upgrading an existing ventilation system, trust NAKS, Inc. for comprehensive ductwork solutions that deliver results. Contact us today to learn more about our Ductwork Packages and how we can support your next installation project.