Low Clearance Ductwork Solutions: Understanding Double-Wall Reduced and Zero Clearance Ductwork

Zero Clearance Duct Solutions: NAKS, Inc.’s Guide to Options

When it comes to commercial kitchen ventilation, understanding the different types of duct solutions is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and compliance with building codes. In this comprehensive guide by NAKS, Inc., we’ll explore low-clearance duct solutions, including double-wall reduced clearance, and double-wall zero-clearance ducts. Whether you’re a designer, foodservice consultant, dealer, or installer clearly understanding these options will empower you to make informed decisions for your next project.

Single Wall Ducts: Simplicity and Versatility

Single wall ducts are a common choice for commercial kitchen ventilation, prized for their ease of installation and flexibility in various kitchen layouts. Made from a single layer of metal, they offer cost-effective solutions.

However, it’s crucial to note that Single-Wall Ducts from NAKS require 18″ clearance to combustibles. In scenarios with limited space, consider alternatives like Double-Wall Reduced Clearance or Double-Wall Zero-Clearance ductwork for safety and compliance.

Understanding clearance to combustibles. NAKS offers a variety of solutions based on your kitchen’s clearance requirements to keep your space safe and compliant.

Double Wall Ducts: Enhanced Insulation and Safety

Double wall ducts offer superior performance and peace of mind for applications requiring enhanced insulation and safety. These ducts feature an inner layer for conveying exhaust gases and an outer layer for added insulation and protection.

The insulation layer in double-wall ducts serves multiple purposes, including reducing heat transfer, minimizing condensation, and enhancing fire resistance. As a result, double-wall ducts provide an extra layer of protection against heat-related issues and potential fire hazards, making them ideal for high-temperature cooking environments.

Double-Wall Reduced Clearance Ducts: Minimizing Space Constraints

Double-wall Reduced Clearance (DW-RC) ducts, which are UL 1978 listed, offer a space-saving solution with enhanced safety features. With clearance to combustibles as low as 2-3 inches, DW-RC ducts provide efficient ventilation while ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Installers value DW-RC ducts for their versatility and reduced space requirements, allowing for flexible installation in compact kitchen environments. Designers appreciate DW-RC ducts’ improved safety and performance, offering peace of mind in challenging installation scenarios.

Double-Wall Zero Clearance Ducts: Space Optimization Without Compromise

Double-Wall Zero Clearance (DW-ZC) ducts are ideal for applications demanding maximum space utilization. UL 1978 and UL 2221 listed, DW-ZC ducts can be placed against combustible materials with 0″ clearance, optimizing space while maintaining safety and compliance.

Installers benefit from the streamlined installation process of DW-ZC ducts in tight spaces, eliminating clearance concerns and simplifying project timelines. Designers can capitalize on the space-saving benefits of DW-ZC ducts, allowing for innovative kitchen layouts and equipment placement.

Resellers can confidently offer DW-ZC duct solutions to customers seeking premium ventilation options that prioritize space optimization without compromising performance or safety.


In conclusion, understanding the options for low clearance duct solutions is essential for designers, foodservice consultants, dealers, and installers involved in commercial kitchen ventilation projects. Thanks to their no-weld construction, these solutions are easy to install and ensure compliance every time. Whether you choose double wall reduced clearance, or double wall zero clearance ducts, each option offers unique benefits and considerations based on the specific requirements of your project.

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By leveraging the expertise and guidance provided in this guide, you can confidently select the right low clearance duct solution for your next commercial kitchen project, optimizing space, performance, and safety. Ready to get started? Contact the experts at NAKS, Inc. today!