The Benefits of Tempered or Heated Makeup Air Units

What is a Tempered or Heated Makeup Air Unit?

In colder regions, the installation of a Tempered or Heated Makeup Air Unit, often required by local codes, holds significant importance for businesses like restaurants and commercial spaces. The primary function of a makeup air unit is to expel exhaust air from the indoor environment and replace it with fresh, clean air from the outdoors. This exchange addresses ventilation issues and enhances air quality and effectively removes grease-laden vapors, smoke, and cooking odors, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. However, the absence of a makeup air unit can lead to various challenges, including unbalanced air pressure and difficulties in controlling temperature and humidity.

Do I Need a Tempered Makeup Air Unit as Part of My Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System?

Beyond the air quality advantages, makeup air units play a crucial role in regulating air pressure within the premises. Negative air pressure can make it harder to open and close doors without such a unit. Makeup air units also mitigate the risk of potentially hazardous back drafts occurring around kitchen cooking appliances.

So, why should you consider a tempered or heated makeup air unit? It’s important to remember that makeup air units expel indoor air and replace it with outdoor air. This could mean replacing temperature-regulated indoor air with freezing outdoor air in colder regions. To counteract this, tempered makeup air units are equipped with heating elements that warm the incoming cold air before it re-enters the building.

Benefits of Makeup Air

While the primary benefit of a tempered makeup air unit is preventing the introduction of cold air into the building, several other compelling advantages are associated with these units. For starters, they enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system by reducing its workload. By injecting warm air into the building, these units make maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature easier. This increased energy efficiency translates into cost savings, especially during extremely cold days when heated makeup air units outperform typical HVAC systems in terms of heating efficiency. Moreover, these units excel in maintaining balanced air pressure within the establishment, minimizing the risk of hazardous back drafts.

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